Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going to penang~~

Today i received a call..
is from Usm..
i was told that i'm giving second chance to interview..
i don't know why I've got an instinct that telling me:
I Must Go
because there is no more third chance or fourth chance..
So, i'm going to Penang this thursday..
haha..wish me luck ya..


  1. haha.....u sure oo....good luck o.....+u..

  2. wow...congrats my friend...i really hope u can get in 2 tis UNI cos it's APEX.. sincere good luck for u my sweetie!cos chances just give who is just prepared..tis is the 2nd chance..u must appreciate!

  3. Cherish it! All the best ya! Dun wanna go ukm so have to enroll in to usm! There's a MUST! Hahas!

  4. haha...thanks you guys...thanks for all wishes ya..i'll do my best!!