Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy mother's day

Last 2 days was mother's day, actually I did not consider mother's day was a big day
and I'm even did not remember what date of mother's day.
But this thoughts was changed when a friend of mine who is already
a mum told me that she was so touching when her older son saying
happy mother's day to her until her tears falling from her eye...
I was so surprising because I never said happy mother's day to my mum.
Cz i think that sentence is weird and i'm so shying to say it, but i do doing something for her or
buy something for her, cz i think that motion is more than a word, so i would rather do it than just say it.This years my mother received a bunch of flower again although it's look like
a shop opening flower but still very beautiful la..
It was a surprise..cz that flowers was a delivery so when she saw the flowers she happy until crying..
haha..what a silly mum..hehe..
ma..i love u..happy mother's day..

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