Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm back!!

It's been a time i didn't updates my blog since i came back from penang.'s a really really long journey,almost takes 6 hours to get there.
After crossing the Penang bridge, the Usm is just beside the easy to find.
this university is far prettier and far more modern than ukm..
The decoration and designation surrounding the buildings is so modernized,
it's really the prettiest uni i ever seen.ha.
Unfortunately, i'm just get a chance to took one picture only because we're rushing to go back to johor.
This is a man that holdings a sword.I think it's probably built by scrap iron..


  1. How did you end up liking the University as a whole?

  2. Then i sincerely hope that you can enroll in to USM... All the best...

  3. hahaz...i oso hope tat u can get in ter..but my wedding u MUST come back..if nt,u'll b killed!

  4. Of course i'll come to ur worry..
    and i like usm is also because almost the courses is using English, what for we still studying BM??of course i am not boycotting bm but i just think that we should more emphasis on English..