Sunday, May 3, 2009

say NO to Port Dickson

Do you guys know why i'm saying no to port dickson??
i thinks there's a relationship between PD and my family..
maybe you must think that i'm over thinking,but i really felt that something bad will happened whenever, whoever of my families went PD, and i am not saying without any proof..
Case 1
In the end year of 2005,me and my friends were go to PD to have some fun after the exhausting final examination. In the first night, i received a call from my friend's bf and telling me that my dad's restaurant was on fire, i quickly make an instant call to home and told my dad. I was very worried about my dad's shop and can't sleep overnight. I keep on waiting the call from my family to make sure that everything is ok. But, there's a another bad news came to my ear :my grandma was crashing by a car when she trying to get a cross to get to my dad's shop. Oh my god..i can't even stand at that time, tears are non-stopping falling from my eyes...that time was really really hard for me and my family..
Case 2
Yesterday, my brother and his wife was went PD to relax during this labour day. Something bad is happening. Their house was breaking in by thief. Fortunately just a LCD, DVD and few jewelery, subtotal just losing few thousand only.But i can't imagine if they're in home when the thief coming, there must an unimaginable consequence.
So, perhaps my family was enchanted by PD.I don't know.but i would rather believe it than doing it again..ti gong bo bi oh...nanmoamituofo....

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