Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is sunsilk 10 days samples that my sis received yesterday.
The Unilever(sunsilk company) so good huh, get a totally free samples just sending a message,
cz I thought the advertisement is cheating one. But got 1 point i can't understand, the advertisement said will get 10 samples, why my sis just get 5 only.
Tou gong jian liao ar??ha..
anyway, is better than get nothing lo..ha.
One sample content 4 different steps.
At first wash your hair with it's shampoo.
Second, nourishing conditioner.
Third, 3 minute intensive treatment.
Last, control leave-on.
As a result, you'll see it through my hair.ha.
A smoothness and shining hair.
P/s: I not try it yet.


  1. =_=!!
    u pak gong gor v sunsilk?hahaz..
    then u must take the pic tat hair floeat in the hair..haha..\\

  2. that's why i said i haven't use it ma..if i be a spokesperson for Sunsilk then i must pay a lot..ha..

  3. Holy cow! I know you love self-capturing, just putting on sunsilk stuffs, i'm sure that you'll "bo ngam uan" de... Then just pretend to be the sunsilk spokesman lo... Wakakas...