Thursday, June 18, 2009

what's new on me?

I make a change on my hair today
I try it before, it's a thick fringe
but quite like it this time
cz it's really suit with a bright color
luckily i dye before i go under a cut
actually just back from kl yesterday
shop a lots
but not reach my satisfaction
cz i can't get a wallet & a sunglasses that i like
never mind
seem my pocket is getting empty now so
i have to 'delay' it until i get my fund from ptptn
that's how we using our loan!!
Go sing K with friends
not so happy
cz somebody's mouth are so mean
hurt our tidy's heart
but luckily our heart are so 'sporting'
so we're forgot it ady
yet it still not so enjoyable
we had our dinner at 'The Ship'
first time having dinner at this high class restaurant
i've order a black pepper chicken chop
cz this the only chicken chop i know
so yummy
of course it's yummy
cz it's cost almost Rm30 a dish(plus tax & service charge)
never mind
promise it's delicious
next time wanna stop by again
not kl but penang
me and carrie going back segamat
thanks to alice for gave us a place to stay
really paise cz have to stay so many days
thank you so much ya alice
hope we still got chance to hanging out like this in the future

1 comment:

  1. arrggg.,,,,my sleep photo..=.=
    hahaz.i hope it wil nt b the last time v gather n shopping 2gather,promise ya~
    new hair style wor,nt bad,nex week cum out ya..
    last week in segamat lim teh v me..ha