Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what's so good in USM?

the first thing i make mistake is the course i take
'product design'
not only you got to draw it
you also have to made it
since i came in here,
i felt my life was changed
my misfortune was began
don't mention about the hostel
(just my room only)
dirty n very antiquity
but now ady get used to it
so it's not a problem for me now
my cell phone broken down on the second day
really sway enough i have no phone to call
i thought the phone will recover on the second day
but miracle did not happened
until now i still can't open it
i have to rush here and there
and being muka tembok
to borrow friend's cell phone to call back
so embarrassing
at last, i get a new cell phone from my cousin's daughter
the feeling of holding a cell phone was so...
so...(cant explain)
although my orientation week isn't as worst as the other uni
it was consider tough too
cause we need to walk about 20minutes to get to the hall
everyday 2 to 3 times
no bus provided cause the bus still on holiday
although suffering the painful from my leg
have to walk also
no excuse for everyone
now the school is re-open ady
everything is getting to be normal
but i still find very hard to adapted
sometime moods are good
sometime bad
like now
really just wanna give it up all the things right here
and back home
miss my home a lot
can't find a close friend either
am i too carp at choosing a friend?
my course just have 10 chinese
all girls
others are malays
i cant find a friend inside the 10 girls?
what a joke
hopefully i can get close with them in the future
at your home
you might no need a friend
but at the world outside
you do need a friend

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