Thursday, November 12, 2009


Good morning, my world.
a wonderful world or ugly world?
i think it's a grey ie, in between
just depend on ur mood
apparently today mood okay
so it's wonderful world
but later on sure start crazy i think
cause my paper is on tomorrow
my godness
if i know earlier i won't choose this f* courses (sory if it's rude but it's ok cz i nvr mention it v mouth)
need use brain all the time
keep calculating n calculating
remembering all the scientific facts and applying it
what for so difficult
life is simple
don't know why the Hypocrate(hope i spell right) thoughts so complicated one
you have no idea you have harmed how many generation already
and now my turned
i'm getting fail ur created facts paper
and retake it next year
just wasting my time
pekcek la
but when thinking after exam
wanna go shopping and have fun with friend all days
waiting waiting...
long time didn't spend money
hope can get a new watch for myself
spend money really make gals happy
so men
listen, the 3 words for most women wanted to hear is
not i love u
is '尽量刷'
then we will love you till we dead
bear in mind ya

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