Saturday, November 21, 2009

tired soul

actually damn tired..
yesterday just back from penang..
sitting in the bus about 10 hours
and today going to singapore again
another 3 hours
i don't no why i'm keeping myself like this
i don't want to stop
i want keep like this
travel and travel
though it's not fun at all
it's tiring and exhausted
cause u need to sit in the car for long period of time
but it's okay
because start from tomorrow i'll free like a useless people
stay in home, help in shop, hanging out v cy..
that's my life
but i think i should to change it
don't want wasted my holidays just like this
travel is the only choice for me
but don't no where i should go
who will accompany me?
alone? yes i guess
got to get used to it
be alone and independent
never mind
i'll find my way out
oh ya, my cousin just went back from japan yesterday
brought a lot of food
luckily i followed my dad go to sg
if not i will never get the souvenir and try all those food
they're a cute couple which ady reach a age of 35
go to japan by their own
so envy
they have a cute house too
modern decorating, nice color, good environment
i wondering
when i reach the age of them
will i be like them?
married, cute house not very big, travel once in a year
ha..maybe i've thinking too far away
i'm just 20
there're still have another 15 years
now i need to focus on study
when study is great enough
so do ur future

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