Thursday, November 12, 2009


Now i'm moody again
i dont no why i will became like this since i got here
maybe it's because it's new environment
and i don't have room mate
my coursemate stay far away from me
my closest friend too
everything was so new to me although i've been here for about half years
i still not adapted sometimes
my heart will like suddenly drop until an endless valley
what happened to me actually
becoming emo and emo
i guess i loneliness
so when this kinda feelin come i keep find friends to talk with me
after that i will be alright
just now my friend message me
telling me tat
'must happy everyday ok?'
dont no why i feel so warmed and touched
it's just 4 simple words
maybe it's a concern that i've forgotten long time ago
just realize i haven't make my birthday wishes
cause i never have a birthday cake this year
so i haven't makes any wishes
3 wishes right?
first, i hope my family and my friends all stay healthy and happy forever
second, i hope my friends won't feel tired of me just like he did cause i always need accompany
God please blessed my family and friends
they're so important to me
i'll blessed you if u do so

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