Tuesday, January 5, 2010


just woke up from bed
i'm freaking tired
this weekend is really killing me
i thought i can enjoy in my bed until the sun rise right above my ass
who knows
yesterday worst, i went to prangin mall
yaya, i shop again but this time i dint brought anything cz i told myself to hold it
forcing myself not look at those clothes
and forbidden myself never try any dresses
NEVER cause once i try i'll buy
haha..my plan was great cause i really didnt try any clothes
and i brought nothing
haha..i also told my friend that
i need spend less than 30 today
yes!i did it!
back at 6pm ady tired like hell
slept at 130am some more and woke up at 7am this morning
to register my co-cu=AEROBIC DANCE
all because of my friend
she want to diet then she ask us to join together
quite nice, i can keep fit too..haha
as soon as i reach the destination
the hall is started crowded
and the queue was pissed me off
especially the 'choc ppl'
hey isnt the moral eduction always teach us to be bersopan-santun? bertolak-ansur?
where is those moral value gone?
there's 2 guys
straight away cut in to my line
i was like WHAT THE F!!
then i call him
'encik, kenapa u tadi terus masuk macam tu?i tunggu di sini dah dekat 2 jam, u x tau nak beratur ke?'
he IGNORED me!!
ok fine..i dont want argue with this kinda ppl
there's another guy TOO
he thought his friend was my friend's friend so he can cut it like that?
my friend dont even know him!
then i voice out again
'hey u x bole macam ni tau?orang dah lama tunggu ni'
u know what he said?
if i got a knife i think i will murder him and cut him into 18 chop
i dont want to be racist actually
they force me!!
that's why la, malaysia never progress to anywhere
malaysia always been looked down by the other country
some of them really nice i have to admit
but some of them are the WORST and WORST
geram betul!!
eventually i got my registration
i'll murder that two guys if i didnt get it
spend about 2 hour to wait
just wasting my time
this saturday going to attend yoga class too
have to buy the mat and pay the fees
aiks..i'm so poor ady
i even havent buy my cny bus ticket yet
there ady cost about 120
poor and poor..
have to eat less for the rest of this month
just DIET..


  1. I oso nt yet buy my my cloth..I think I nonit buy ad..cos nobody c me..haha

  2. aiya..no need buy la..women in pregnant always looks naturally pretty..haha