Tuesday, January 26, 2010

blog at 4am

Look what time it is. It's 3.40am morning and I'm still awake, and probably will finish this blog by 4am something. I'm laying down for about 3 hour and I can't sleep.I am extremely pekcek right now. I feel wanna shout and scold people. What the hell is going on? I was only drink a cup of nescafe at 2pm today, for more suitable time, it's yesterday. It's already passed 12hour and more, why I still can't sleep? and even now I still didn't feel tired yet, for both my eyes and body. what the...
I'm thinking that I should stop drinking coffee right now. No. It's supposed to be say that I should stop taking any containing caffeine drinks or the name got 'tea' drinks. Even green tea also makes me awake all night. Before I thought that if I drinks coffee before 3pm it supposed won't take so much effect on me. So, whenever I hanging out with my friend after 3pm, I always forbidden myself from drinking any coffee or tea. Once I takes, I know what will happen in the night. And I always ordered milo instead of coffee. This is really annoying you know, because I likes coffee so much, it's smell really good and tasty. Although I love milo too but you can drinks it at home and even cheaper I guess. I really have no idea why it's so effective on my body. This is really bad you know, or maybe, it's only consider as a benefit when you're need it to study. But for me, it's bad and bad. Hate it.
Tomorrow still have whole day classes, need to wake up early too to wash my clothes. Shit. When I'm going to sleep?My skin become worst and worst and my panda eyes too. Sigh.
Pekcek Pekcek......

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