Friday, January 29, 2010


Yeah~ I got my crocs shoes today. Hehe. So happy. I want it for quite a long time, I know that maybe some of you already owned the exactly same shoes for long time, but I just wanna share my happiness with you all. Cause I'm not born in wealthy families, I didn't have extra income from my mom and dad, so normally I have to spend my ptptn very very carefully to makes sure it is enough for me to use one sem. Thus, whenever I got something I wanted so much then I plan my money again, in order to satisfy my aspiration. Yeah, no doubt, I always got a lot of aspiration to satisfy, materially. Haha. This month I spend too much la, I guess I should earned some back from my ang pao. woo~really can't wait cny, now 14days left. Yeppy, can't wait to wear new dress, and get my ang pao too. Before that, how I wish my pimple could quickly recover, sigh, because of that day I didn't slept all night, then I got a lot of pimple come to give me a visitation. What a bad 'visitation'!!

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