Wednesday, January 6, 2010

diary 1

CNY coming!!i cannot wait to back home and celebrate, but i still got so much things want to money le la=(, even when i at the class, my eye is looking at the lecturer but my thought is ady flying to somewhere else, thinking i still want buy this and that, thinking which day i want to back home, skip the class on thursday or friday, when cny want to go out with who, which day i should back penang.haha, funny right? cause it's still got 1 month something to go but my thoughts ady full with this stuff. no mood to study ady.haha

YESTERDAY, my coursemate suddenly talk with me, i'm not very close with him, even the conversation that we had before is less than 100 word. he said: hay, long time no see ya, you dean list is it? i was like got a really big question mark above my head. har?DEAN LIST??since when i got this kinda high impression? then i reply: huh??no la, i where got so clever? i ady jumped if i pass.then he said: oh really? but you looks like very smart. i really really shocked, cause all the time i tot my face looks like stupid face. then after that i ask my friend, wei i looks like very clever meh?she nod her head and said:yup, u looks like very good in study, maybe is ur face, 'guai guai' face. so swt!first time heard this about me.but i'd rather ppl have a bad impression on me than the good sad..then i really have to put hard work in this sem since ppl tot me get dean list then sure cannot just hope for pass only..haha

Oh ya...i got another story that my friend told me too, this is really funny, somebody ask my friend who is Lee Chou Yueh, because he's same group with me in SHE so he wondering who am i. then my fren explain pretty long time to descripe me, but he still dont know. then suddenly the other fren of him straight away said: noh...that jolin ah.and he straightaway get it.haha...this really makes me laugh till i cry, i just realize not only dk call me like that, even my coursemate too. my previous hairstyle really helped me a lot.lols...

i want a camera so much
i want a new handphone so much
i think i never get it
because i have to work to own it
but my timetable is full enough
where got time to work
forget it
forget it


  1. seen u r enjoying ur U life now ah..
    if no enough $$, i still can bank in a little bit for u..100 enough?? haha...
    enjoy ur life in this new year...

  2. swt~~i'm looking for a job on weekend 1..haha..then when i got enough money i can buy hp ady..wakaka

  3. sial.. buy again... do some part time job is ok, but dun let urself so tired n stress, ok??
    take care urself...