Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Time passed like twinkling of an eye, it's already 5weeks pass. Everyday I keep myself busy with my coursework, although I'm always copying my friends tutorial (ha), cause I really dont have any study mood yet, even now I should study my 106 instead of writing blog here, because the tutorial due date is on tomorrow, guess I'm going to copy again. I've become so lazy nowadays. Although I'm lazy before also, I'm worst now. I'm a typical Libra. Lazy is my instinctively naturally habit. I have a lot of time, but I only done it at the really last minute.
I realize that I'm becoming silly nowadays.=( Because I always do some stupid things that I only realize afterward. I can remember wrongly my class time, and rushing over there thought that I'm late again who knows there was nobody inside. I thought it was class cancel and then call my friend just know that I'm an hour earlier. On the other hand, I also always sms with wrong person too. Swt. I chat with the person that I thought but actually is somebody else, I only realize after finish chatting with her. Stupiak~~
Actually still got a lot of stupiak things happened. But I think I just keep it for myself. Don't want let anyone know my siasui history. Haha.



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