Sunday, January 24, 2010

roach night

I was totally freaked out last night, that little disgusting creature really drive me nuts. It fly to my room in the middle of the night and cross over me hiding below my bed. I immediately run off from my bed and trying to use the besom to figure what it is. Suddenly, it fly out and OMG...
It's a cockroach!!!IT'S A FLYING ROACH! It's stop a while on my closet and my mind blank, my hand starts to shake. 'HANDPHONE' that's the only thing crossing my mind in that moment. I try to get my cell phone on my desk and it's fly again. I screamed and runs out from my room. I standing outside my room quite for a while with whole body shake, where is it gone? who wanna help me? I entered my room again after calming down and try to searching it, finally i found it's stop on the wall above my closet.
My hand was holding my cell phone, but,who I'm going to call? mom? No way, it's already 130am. Then I message my friend, ask him what should I do. He keep calling me just hit it. But how? it's up there so high and it is a fly roach. I told him i think I'm gonna sit right at the corner there and looked at it whole night. But, I have to get it out also in the next morning. Eventually, I went out to my friend room and i ask her : Do you scare of roach?? Fortunately, she didn't scare of it. Really thanks God. I really don't know what to do without her. She is a really brave girl and help me get the roach out even she have to spray much in my room. I said spray as much as you can. I'd rather smelling the stinky sheidtox whole night than let a roach stay my room overnight.

My night spoiled by a little tiny roach. My friend told me to be more independent, don't always ask for somebody help some more it's just a roach. It is not just a roach okay.sigh. I'm like a idiot all night. I also think that I shouldn't be such timidness, I could be brave if it is another creature but just not roach. Hope there's no other next time. God blessed.

p/s: Thanks huei zhi and my neighbor for helping me out..appreciate a lot!!!

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