Sunday, January 10, 2010

study mood

Time to start study,
i'm so lazy, lazy to open the book, lazy to use my mind,
lazy to do everything, i'm so tired, i hope get some nice sleep,
cause i never sleep until 12pm,
my whole body pain, that yoga lesson really stretched me a lot,
tomorrow will have aerobic dance, for 2 hour, i think i will pain like hell.
Everyday is a busy day for me, and almost the classes i didnt pay attention in it,
i even dont know what the lecturer talking about,
really makes me stress enough.
What i'm supposed to do to makes myself concentrate on study?
cause i'm just waiting for cny,
but before cny i got so many coursework have to do,
i dont have the mood yet,
teach me


  1. just simply do 1st last time we copy write lah..hahaz..after cny just pia lo..hey,streching gd eh~after i give birth,wanna do more strecthing ad.wanna b fit mum..

  2. u should sign up a yoga class after give born..haha..wait until the singing competition just pia..ha