Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love stuff

却 会让一个男人更加地坚定自己的理想

Nice quote, I love it. 
Actually, I used to blamed myself. I felt I am a idiot,
because I can even give up all my dreams just for love.
 I used to be a daydreamer. Dreaming about marriage.
I always have some pictures in my head.
Found a man that I love and, of course he loves me too,
marry about after graduation, have a few kids before 30 years old, 
living in a cute house in my hometown so that I can always visit my parent, 
and live happily ever after.
Kind of dreamy right?
I feel the same way too, who doesn't wants to be happily ever after?
who doesn't wants to met their love one as fast as possible?

可惜, 爱,不是童话故事。
Yeap, love wasn't a cinderella story, there's no happily ever after.
We have to face with reality eventually.
Prince will not love cinderella forever.
 Because he is a prince.


Yea, I didn't dream anymore right now.
I have my better dream.
Just wanna live for my own.


I do jealous with each couple that I see.
Kind of familiar with their smile, maybe I own it before, once.
But, I dont think it'll appear anymore.
It's okay. 
I have better dream to makes me smile better.

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