Friday, March 5, 2010

busy weeks

It's been nearly a month I didn't updates my blog. But I guess won't much people notice about it also, cause this is just a boring place for me to groan. It's okay for me, cause I really likes to complain much as somebody ever said that to me. Yes, I do complaining much of the things in my life, complaining about the weather, about the people, about the bus's seat, about the unpleasant things that happened and etc. So, somebody even had giving up on me, and leaving me just like that. It's okay for me, cause I won't judge and doubt my personality because of somebody, I'm happy to be who am I, and somebody is just some passenger that passing wrong corner in my life.
This week would be the busiest week I ever had, my aerobic dance finally come to an end, and I never thought that we could be so good in our last performance because we are so bad in the beginning, the video already uploaded in facebook, you are welcome to watch it. Maybe those steps may looked stupid and fool for you, but I really had paid a lot of hard work to created it out, it's looks funny but I am enjoying it. Co-curriculum is another way for us to learned everything that we've been taught at school before, it's really different with just write in the books, we not even have to apply it, but have to think out of the box and be distinction. It's really stress enough in the beginning, I even blame the tutor that should teach us more steps and give us more guidance. But this is U, we're no longer in high school, we search answer for ourselves, we find solution for ourselves, we are on our own. This is what I've learned so far.
Today is my wus expo day too. Standing under the hot weather selling those RM10 T-shirt is really really hard. Everybody like used up their whole energy to promote their things. Although my group didn't sell much, as long as it's fun then what you care about the money. My whole body get into exhaustion. I guess I really been through a busy week. I even haven't do my C++programming assignment yet. And it's not copyable, everybody have a different way to write their program and it's impossible to get exactly the same one with other. That's what I head aching, eww..., programming really not my cup of tea, I have no idea how to start it.
Physics night coming this Sunday. I'm so unwilling to go. Some more have to act and sing. But, since I have already promise to them, I can't just take out my word like that, so sigh...God, pity me, my leg all in black and green condition, how to wear my dress? It's looks so ugly~~double sigh.....
A lot of words I have in my mind wanna share with you all, but I find it hard to express it, especially in English. I'm make apologize 1st if there is any mistaken use of grammar and you are always welcome to comment and point out my mistakes.

- We are human, we can make mistake, and we have to learned from mistake as well-


  1. hey, i m jz a bored guy who came across ur blog.. I saw ur photo in USM lengzailenglui group n it was lovely..

    anyhow, i do not know what result u get from MUET but I think you shud try to learn more from the english programme offered by pusat bahasa at least until level 403, 404 or 405.. it will help to improve ur english greatly despite the lecturers speak bad english at times.. my englisg used to be worse than urs but hey, i managed to improve (i think, hehe).. i used to write blogs too but now, too lazy to continue..

    anyway, mayb i will see u ard in usm.. take care..


  2. haha...i really got a bad English grammar huh.. will comes better next time u drop by..thanks for the advises.