Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm Lee Chou Yueh

Just back from lunch with my lovely friend, UK. It's a nice nick name actually, I thinks she's no need to put another English name anymore since she's damn love her name. Hehe. Recently I was thinking that do I have to put a more officially English name for myself? I mean every time some foreigner or some banana friends came up to ask my name and I have to stunned there for few seconds to searching for a proper name for them to remember it easily and I end up by saying : My name is Lee. It's weird. Cause there are plenty of people in this world using this name. I got a English before but it's really strange for people to call me that name. 'Ashlee' . But if write in full form will be Ashlee lee. Two 'lee' over there. Erm. Not really good. Perhaps I should get myself another name since I dint use it for quite a while. I'm thinking to start with J because my two sister's name also start with J.
Jeremy?( I thinks this is for boy,keke)
Oh ya, perhaps Juliet? Haha. Do you know why? You try pronounce it in a quick way. 'Juliet, Juliet, Juliet.....'. Sounds alike with my name right? ehm...Juliet Lee. Pretty nice. Haha. 
Anyway it just a name and I'm not really want to use it officially, I prefer my own Chinese name.
I'm Lee Chou Yueh, which sometimes being called by ' Chao Yeh ', or by ' Yu-e'. Keke.


  1. Jaelyn, Jenelle, Joelle, Jannine suit you well !