Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tired soul

Finally I've got some time back with my little bloggie
I've been so tired lately
whenever I got home I just felt very pain in my back and sleepy
so if my shift is 730am then I ady sleep at around 9pm once I had finish bath
I don't know why was it so tiring
maybe my work place lack of stuff I guess
so anyone interested?
have my number?
call me kay?
I just saw a blog from my fren's fren
I found out another quote again
this one is great
I actually not really thinks this is rude
but COOL~~
some may think that it's not wrong to cry
if you feel better after you cry it out
then just do it
why have to hold it?
but you know what
tears are very preciousness
we only cry when we're happy or get touching
but not when u're heartbroken
coz it's really worthless
so next time when you get heartbroken and feel wanna cry 
why don't you pick up the phone and dialed the number
and said 
'fuck you'
then I'll be clap for you
some jerks are just worthless 
maybe they never think they're wrong
coz there's no black and white in love
but remember 
they're definitely wrong if they ever make you cry
don't talk about this la
just making people sad only
cheer cheer
life is great with smile
bigger pleasssseee
my result has come out today
didn't hit my target and I lost my Rm1k insentif le
forget it forget it
but I can buy a lot with that money le
sigh sigh
next sem try harder again ba
(every time also this word)
Yesterday I just praised by someone that very kiamsiap with his compliment 1 le
actually it's quite happy inside my heart
coz he's only praise someone that is really pretty
then am I?
not becoming prettier la just my skin becoming whiter 
and what you call 'one white cover three ugly'
so that's why becoming prettier lo
but I never consider myself with that
coz I'm the one knows where my weakness is
but anyway thanks for his compliment la
tomorrow going Gunung Ledang with friends 
hope have a great time with them
can't wait

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