Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey ya, I'm back. But I'm not gonna share what I have been through during this period,
I just simply want to share with you about my addiction art work.
Yea, I had finish my very first production yesterday night.
It's fun. And all you need is only a blank paper and a black pen.
Ta da~~
This title was actually adopted by a society that recently I have involved in

I've attended for their 'Inspire' day
and guess what?
I am inspired!
Honestly, for the passed one year in campus life,
I'm actually like an lost sheep in the jungle,
I can't find my interest in any of the society in usm,
I've been trying and trying,
but I just can't find the passion.
Sister and senior always told me to enjoy my uni life
but is it enjoying means shopping, movies, sing k and all that?
I don't get it
Can you defined for me their so called 'enjoying'?
a very FINALLY
I've found AIESEC
I have a good feel about it,
and my passion into it is increasing every time I met with them,
I don't know why,
but I'm ready to devoted myself.
Hope everything goes well and
it is  really as good as something I feel from my first impression.

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