Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Forgive but not Forget.

Don't let the shadows of your past darken the doorstep of your future. Forgive & forget.
I have been distracted. I have been disturbed. 
I guess the shadows have haunting me so badly lately.
I read somebody blog.
She makes me think of me.
I'm used to be like her.
Express all my feelings, my thoughts right here.
I miss, I'll said I miss.
I'm sad. I'll said I'm sad.
I'm happy. I'll said I'm happy.
I'm hurt. I'll said I'm hurt.
After that I realized, how would people feel when they read your blog.
They think you're sad and suffering.
Certainly not a person they want to friend with.
Certainly not a person they want to close with.
Cause you're revealing your weaknesses to all of the world.
Then I have changed.
Whenever whatever mood I have.
I'll said.
I'm fine.
Once my friend told me that.
Do you know what is the word that people lie the most?
That is the word :  I'm fine.
I'm not saying that I'm telling a lie here.
But when you realized that expressing is no longer a way to ease your feeling
your sorrow, your pain,
but just create and spread some negative atmospheres around your friends
would you want to see people get sad because of you?
Not right?
One said:
Forgive and Forget
I didn't hate anyone.
I just couldn't forgive myself.
The mistake that I've done.
So I always wish to turn back time.
How good is it we can turn back time.
But I always tell people that
Forgive but not Forget.
Forgive the person but not forget the mistake.
Remind yourself that you can't let it happen again.

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