Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Good morning world! It's mid-autumn festival,
Seriously cannot celebrate today, because I have a very important test tomorrow.
Feel like wanna eat mooncake right now,
but I can't even finish one, so didn't buy any mooncake.
Honestly, I always feel bonded to mid-autumn festival,
because my name and my birthday.
My name if wanna to translate to English,
is some kind like autumn moon,
and this two word is totally related to mid-autumn festival!
And my birthday as well!
Few years ago, I think is when I was 17, 
my birthday actually bump into mid-autumn festival,
my birthday drop exactly right on the date of mooncake festival.
What a 'miracle' coincidence!
And do you know when is the next time my birthday will bump into mid-autumn festival again?
It's 36 year old.
Can't imagine how old will I be look like.
Seriously I cannot imagine how will I look when I step into 30,
Even now whenever I saw some 30's women,
I will think like
' EWww...Am I gonna be like her in 9 more years?
No Way!'
But what can a woman do?
When a woman had passed her 20's, 
it's like a rose that reached its wither stage,
its color faded, its thorns get weaker,
its petals fell,
and finally no one would notice,
and be left out. 
But hey,
I'm only 21,
I'm only 20, 11month, and 17days.
Still got a long way to go.
As I always said :
Do whatever you like,
Do whatever you could,
Do whatever you can.
Before it's too late.

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