Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Over.

Finally, all of my test is over. I'm feeling so great, maybe was too stressed out already. So, I have made up my mind to give myself a break this weekend, going to shopping this Saturday myself. Yeah, I purposely not asking my friends to go together, cause want to spend some time at book shop to find books. It'll takes whole day so better go alone. Hehe.
The test 1 result is come out already, those marks are so disappointing. I am so upset and frustrated. I'm working so hard this time, but luckily still got second chance for me to catch up the marks. I need work harder on second test. Seriously no more procrastination!
Yesterday, I was told by a friend that USM's Physics is the hardest subject to score among all the local university in Malaysia. I am a little surprised that she said so because I remember that STPM Physics exam is much more harder than those test that I have been taken in here so far. Is this called hardest? Then what should STPM standard is? Hardest + Most?
But actually I'm a little proud that she said so too, make me feel more excited about this course. Cause I like to challenge difficulties, challenge myself to a higher level at the same time.

This Sunday is going to be a good good day.
I'm going to Monkey Beach with AIESECers.
I hope all the interns are joining too, it's a good opportunity to introduce Malaysia to them.
Waiting + Exciting.

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