Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just got home. It's feel really great. =D

By the way, I had just finished L.E.A.D yesterday and it was awesome, awesome, and awesome. Actually a lot of things I wanted to share during the final sharing session, but due to the nervousness, I ended it up quickly. I was struggled inside my heart actually at that moment, because I told myself on the first day joining this conference, I have to stand up and take a initiative step to talk in front of all of them. I was nearly giving up, but then I asking myself : Will you regret for not standing up when the conference finished? And then, I finally did it. Yes, I know everyone is cheering for me. Really thanks a lot, really meant a lot to me.

Let me continued what I haven't shared during the session. During the first session ' I know myself better ', I think I'm the only one that have 4 different personality which supposed that everyone should have one only, and now I have 4. I was blurring. Because this personality test is actually helping us to know ourselves better, and clarify us into one specific group. So, I was doubting myself, again. Who am I? This is a question that I always ask myself. Because all these time, I always trying to be like somebody else, especially someone with great personality. I want to be like them, even some character that do not suitable for me at all. But, going through this session, actually waked me up, because I realized that it is no right or wrong between all of the personalities. There's no such thing that extrovert is better than a introvert, there's nothing wrong to be an intuitive person. So, actually I've learnt how to accept differences, not anyone else, is accept the differences in myself. Although there's no specific personality that suit me best, it's means that I'm spontaneous, and I could be anyone, it's a special strength as well. Haha. But, really start to more confirmation in myself la.

Apart from that, I've seen a lot of amazing people too. They were great, no matter in expressing their opinions or debating or presentation, they can react really fast and accurate. Because for me, expressing something in English is actually really tough for me, I have those words, but how am gonna make them into a sentence? So, they really impressed me, and I've improved a lot too. I've seen a lot of things actually. I've seen that how's the range of the mindset that people have. Some have really wide range of mindset, they can see things from different angle and that's really impressing me and at the same time showing that how narrowed is my mind are as well. I thought I've read a lot, and that's clearly showed that it wasn't enough.

Personally, I like the session 'How to present like a pro' the most. I'm used to hate presentation at school, I find it's really dull and it is just reading the words for the audiences. After that, when I came into university, I'm not taking it seriously too but until I saw my friend's presentation, and suddenly I felt that her presentation is so powerful that making people want to keep listening to her. That's actually how my perspective to presentation changed. Ky and Amanda really did a great job, promise to myself that the next presentation I will have in the future, I will make it like a pro too. XD

Another things is, I met new friends. I also found myself that really like to make new friend with foreigner, wherever they come from, whatever their skin color are, whatever age they are and etc, I wanna be a friend with them. Through this 3 days, I can see our friendship grow, I feel closer to them, and this feeling is really awesomeness!!

Looking forward the next conference, MyLDS in UTM, hope can meet them again.  =D


  1. basel here !!

    iam glad you had fun and gained lots of experience

    and improved your skills in L.E.A.D !! :)

    looking forward to meet you in MyLDS .. it is

    gonna be Awesome !! :D :D

  2. Omg, u have found my blog.
    haha, see u on December MyLDS la. =)