Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is dream?

People like my drawing, 
 it's glad to heard that,
not many people know that when I was in primary school,
I always filled up the ambition blank as drawer,
Yea, I love to draw since I was a kid,
that is because everyone said I can draw pretty good,
I love to be praised, I love the feeling like I'm really good,
so I think this is the reason why my ambition is become a drawer,
but you know what 
I'm not even know I like it or not, 
I just simply love people's compliment.
I simply dream it because I couldn't found another things that I like to do.
until now, I still haven't found any yet, 
So, you better feel lucky if you found something that you truly love,
something that you will sacrifice everything
something that you willing give up everything
Don't try to ask me what I am gonna to do after graduation
because I really have no idea
I study Physics not because I like it
just simply because I think I can handle it
something that I can score and graduate with good pointer
that is my dream so far.

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