Monday, October 25, 2010

Better world

Our department won Most Progressive Department yesterday. I am so happy, still couldn't calming down when talk about this. Honestly, I'm not planned to go for this event, but after getting some hint from my VP in the morning, then decided to attend. Yea, I had knew this award is goes to us. Wakaka. Actually, it's all shown. And I can see by myself too. Every meeting that we have, almost everyone is attended. Attendance could be the most convincing fact, if they never care about ICX, why do they all attend for almost 6weeks? I am really glad I have such a bunch of great colleagues.Is really lucky to have them all. Of course, others also did a great job.XD

Here comes the sugar cube, one of my favourite part. I wonder who is the creator that think of this idea because this method is such a motivated way to tell people how great they are and show your appreciation about what he or she has done to you. I never realize I have such a great strength if without sugar cube. All ICXers write for me, it's so touched, I wasn't realize I have such contribution for them, because all the time I only know I need help by somebody and I would not able to help anybody.=(

Haha. I also don't know why I have such a thought. Probably the rate of my confident state haven't high enough to believe myself I can help people too. I guess finally I know what AIESEC has changed me, to be honest, I am a pessimistic person. Especially my thought towards others. I always see people's weakness but not their strength. And sometimes would be too straight forward and hurting them. Maybe that's the reason why I keep negative thought towards everything around me. But what I know so far in AIESEC is that they never spread negative thoughts or straight away point out your weakness. They do it another way by focusing on your strength and spread the right things that would make you realize, yes, I can do it better.

Thanks AIESEC for instilling the right thought in my mind. I believe I have a better world now. =)

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