Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What's the meaning of study?
To gain our knowledge or just simply because you like the feeling to get great result?
 I don't know which part I am. Maybe both I guess. But seems like the latter have the higher percentage. I have been so 'addicted' to study recently. Everyday sleep for just few hour then wake up and study. Drink a lot of coffee to stay awake, I can even felt my eye is swollen and my head like a thousand tonne stone.
I don't want to rest, I had rest enough for last 2 sem, I just wanna keep fighting and achieve my goal, yet the goal is still so far away from me. Is it I not work harder enough? Or it just simply I'm not smart enough?
And now I'm not sure whether Physics is suitable for me or not.
Sigh. Been depressing for about 2 weeks, 4paper down, cannot sense any good result from those so far, still have another one on Thursday. 
I guess what I have to do now is lie down and take some rest, mentally and physically.
Shall be okay after wake up.


  1. Study it because you wanna have a passion to gain knowledge. If you studying just purely because of getting a good result. It wouldn't sustain your passion to gain knowledge, eventually stress out.

    LOL~~ Just personal sharing.

    1. Put priority and focus which subjects have the highest chance to score A
    2. Ensure you have healthy lifestyle. Physically tired wouldn't help u to absorb knowledge
    3. Plan a schedule to study. It is helpful especially during final exam

    Anyway, it just a suggestion... I am talking too much~~

    All the best in exam

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips ya. Appreciate a lot! Haha