Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm in the library again. This is a place that not belong to me. But I am here again. Because I was too bored in room. I need to shift places to get my study mood back.
I am fucking stressed right now. I need to take a rest. My stomach not listen to me, keep hungry around. I already feed it with one bread and milo but it's not satisfied. Duh..I hate it. I hate it distracted me at this moment.
One more day to go, suddenly I felt my goal is getting far away from me. I can sense the failure smell on the day after tomorrow. I wasn't well prepared enough, I know.
But one of my strength is never give up. I won't give up until the last minute. I need to let myself know I have try my best to do it, it doesn't matter even if it's failed. I only could blame that I wasn't good enough.
Sometimes I wonder if I have aim too high, and pushing myself to one side that nobody could understand why I'm doing this. Study is not everything, other people didn't judge who you are based on your academic, who doesn't wants to have good result? As long as you have try your best, you have do your best, and that's the perfect result.
Then I shouldn't work so hard?
No I want good result!
But I'm stressed!
Pressure is motivation!
Okay, I started don't know what I'm talking about. @_@
Maybe I should get back to the table and study again.
Exam is on Tuesday.
Good luck to everyone and myself!

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