Saturday, November 6, 2010

Embarrassed moment.

I guess nobody has more experience than mine in embarrassing moment.

I was craving for mee hun soup although I had already eaten two bread and a cup of milk. But I am still hungry. After hesitating for about one hour, I decided to go out by myself. (Because I need to walk 10minutes to get to the cafe) Just when I about to go, the sky started to rain, but it couldn't stop me, because I wanted mee hun soup so much.

The rain seems like getting heavier. I continued my journey with my little umbrella and laptop. Just when I about to crossed the road, my slipper suddenly dropped!! And it is almost in the middle of the road. The car is coming, I felt freaking embarrassing and lower down my umbrella and quickly turning back to pick my slipper, and as soon as I saw my slipper, I was wondering : I don't remember I wore this slipper, is this my slipper? And I realized I wore two different slippers. *smackforehead*

I ended up take away fried rice in my cafe and eating in front of my laptop. -_-lll
I wonder why I have so many embarrassed experience in my life. But I already get used to it.
Last few days I did a quite silly thing too.

I woke up at 8am and went out at 830am because I have a meeting at 9am at library. When I preparing to go out, I realized I dropped my umbrella at my working place. Fine, then I took bus because it was raining outside. I hate to being late, and the bus took off late I was darn pissed off. I reached library at 905am and after I settle down my bag in locker and I realized I forgot to bring my matrix card. Okay,I really not happy of this but I have to go back take it then I borrowed my friend's umbrella and walked back to my room. (I hate to take bus and it's took longer)

Okay, after 10 minutes of walking, I climbed up 4 staircases because my room was in second floor, I was sweating and darn angry that time because I had late to the meeting and they were waiting for me to start. Then I forgot to bring my room key. It was in my bag in the library locker. *doublesmackforehead*

Well, I don't see it is a bad luck.
At least now I know I have to check whether I have take my room key or wearing the right slipper or not before going out. Haha
After all, it's actually a process of learning how to take care of myself.
Have fun and stay tuned for more. ( More? I don't think so.XD)

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