Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Aloha, I am home, after 9 weeks. =)

Was trying to continue right on the second day of last blog, but needed to study so I have postponed it until today. As you can see, I had finished all the paper and back to home already. It's really an exhausted trip. The lesser I back home the more I feel this is really a long long long journey. I wasn't felt this way before, because I always back home and already get used to it, but not now anymore. As I stepped down the bus, I felt so....indescribably....happy!

I realized something this time I back home. Okay, I realized something all the time I know. It's good what, better than you not realizing it and regretted when it slipped away. I suddenly realized I have changed again. I don't know which part but I just felt it. I really don't feel like working this time, I just wanna spend some time together with my family. This is what I want to do. I need to work sometimes just to get something that I wanted to buy. But, now I don't want everything anymore.
I don't want Ipod Touch already, I don't want Blackberry already, I don't want DSLR already. I don't want travel already. I don't want boyfriend already.
I just want my family. Stay happily ever after together.

But things always changing with time. It's just like when I drawing a graph with people vs time in the y and x-axis. People changed when the time is comes. You could not do anything to fight with time, when you wished to move faster and it's just moving with constant speed 'tick tock tick'. When you wished to turn back the time, it's still moving forward with constant speed 'tick tock tick'.

I am lucky to still have my family together at this moment. But I know we will eventually be separated. I have no idea which day it is, it could be 30 years after, 10 years after, or one week after or even tomorrow. I don't know what should I do if I have lose one of them, but I think I will know the way to face it when the time comes.

I really appreciate what I have now, but somehow I'm greedy enough to hope they could be my side forever and ever.

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