Thursday, November 18, 2010

I got IT!

I can't believed it! 
But it's true
the figure shown in the Atm machine
is my PTPTN figure
For the first time in this semester
I feel so relax and there's no more worry in my daily expenses
I don't have to worry how much have I spent
I don't have to plan anymore
I can eat whatever I want without looking at the price
without restricted myself by spending how much in one day
I feel like wanna thank somebody
But there's no one to thank
I thank GOD for treating me so good
I am just so lucky
When I back home gonna repay my parent
they giving me allowance all these time
I gotta buy something for them
will figure it out later

I think tonight I'm gonna sleep with smiling non-stopping
or in other words 
sleep with no worries anymore

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