Thursday, November 25, 2010

Keep on believing.

Could somebody explain me what is love?

Sometimes I really don't know what is love. There's a couple that I know in my hometown, they were just so sweet and happy together. I can see that girl actually damn in love with her bf, even always show offing in fb they will be together until forever. But a couple of months later, I saw they actually had broke up and that girl had already in a relationship with another guy. I nearly lose my jaw. WTH. What makes her think she's fucking know what is love? She's really making me more and more confused about love.

Because of love, nearly everyone get sicked. When I on my fb, I can see plenty of my friend in love trouble. Everyday posting and posting the same thing, again and again. Honestly, I even had blocked some 'alwaysinlovetrouble' friends in my fb. I just cannot stand on that. Please, this world are not just about love and relationship. There are much more things that is even more important waiting for you to be done. Your family, your study, your future, your goal...Please, think about your life. Have you ever did something that meaningful in your life? Get yourself cured and move forward now.

Love comes when you least expect. Love comes at the moment you are focusing on others.
Frankly speaking, I was once had a crush on somebody. I can't believed I have enough courage to be in love again. But I know he's not the one. Crush remain crush. Yesterday, I had dream something, but when I woke up I only have two word in my mind. 'Heart broken'. I don't remember any stories in the dream, I try to recall but I couldn't. That's actually reminded me someone, some memories flashing back, could barely remember some but it's still ugly anyway.

You could say I'm still haunting by the same thing. I won't care.
I'm not waiting somebody to cure me, or to mend the pieces of my broken heart.
I'm not worried am I still able to be in love again or not.
I'm only know as long as I keep on believing, live to the present, that's the matter.
And that's enough for me. =)

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  1. i like this sharing a lot...kk, i ll stop posting those "shit" thing happy be happy..XD