Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MY philosophy

Few days back, just when I was over stress on my study stuff, I suddenly thought of my ptptn. There's a thing that I always wanted to do, write an email to ptptn website. Because it's already 5months I've been waiting for their reply. Not even a letter or call from them. So, I went to ptptn website, copy down the address and send an email in the 'surat aduan' section.

I was thinking to write in bahasa, but just when I started my first 3 words, okay, FAK it, better wrote in English, faster for me, I still have to continue my study, no time for this. After a pretty short while, I sent. That day was Sunday, but I already get used to their 'efficiency', I had already waited for 5months, so I expected they won't reply me in one week time.

Haha, out of my expectation, I got their reply on yesterday, what a surprise! But I only received this short sentence.
" Salam sejahtera,

Untuk makluman anda, pelajar boleh membuat semakan ke dalam akaun pada 7 hingga 14 hari bekerja selepas tarikh wang pembiayaan di kreditkan ke oleh pihak bank pada 12/11/2010.

Sekian. "

Is it means that I will have my study loan within 14 working days? I really have no idea, I wrote them a long whole email, okay maybe I was a little bit long winded, but I have to clarify the whole process for them ma, they only reply me with this sentence. Please at least tell me that my appeal was approval or something else. I don't know he was just entertain me or what, but all I have to do is wait for another 14 working days.

I swear if I never got it in the next 14days, I'll keep dropping mail on their ' surat aduan' until they BLOCKED me!!
I swear if I got it instead, I don't wanna WORK during sem break! I've been work for 2 continuous sem break, really wanna have a good rest at home.
But, this not gonna happened, I still need to work. For some reason, I found some interesting part in this kind of busy life, even it's a sem break, I don't want to stop working, somehow it's fulfilling some part of me. Even I got my ptptn, that doesn't mean I have to stop working, money is not the issue, really, maybe some of you always thought that I need money, I'm running out of money, I know because that's what I've told you guys. (okay, sometimes don't trust what I said kay, just selectively trust me). Although I get exhausted because of my work, at least it's a fulfilling exhausted. I know that's only a little pay per hour, but I said already, none of money business, maybe someday you will understand. I'm poor in describing something.

Recently I found another philosophy of mine, when you start off to like something for instance, a gal/guy, instrument, hobbies and etc because she/he is pretty/good looking, or you find playing drum or guitar is some kinda cool, and most of the reason is impressing people. But in the end, you'll find the reason has changed. Maybe you can't find yourself a suitable reason to keep you stay, somehow some part of you love in doing this, you feel happy when doing this. I guess that's so called love without reason huh.

I found some already, how about you?=)

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