Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boring break

Things got a little boring recently, no energy at all, maybe repeating the same routine everyday I guess. Just now I just rejected by an exchange participant from HK, omg, now I have to redo again all the interview procedure. And honestly, I don't like to interview people especially in Skype, always have some disturbance of noise in the middle of the interview. I hate interview session. I totally hate seriously.

I have try to like it, and telling myself don't scare of speaking with foreigner because of the slang I couldn't really understand their English. Telling myself don't be so perfectionist, it's okay if you say something wrong, it's okay if people don't understand your word, it's the sound system problem not your English.

I'm a little upset and moody about the rejection of the EP. How much effort that I have put to encourage myself that I can do it in the interview, keep telling myself it's okay if the result is out of your expectation. Just take it easy and you will be better.
Ya, I have a barrier of speaking English, language is always my obstacle to be outstanding. Maybe I was just too perfectionist, always hope for the best and never get satisfy. Some people wonder why I'm taking English as my minor because it is so hard to score and would probably lower down my pointer some more. And I am wondering every person that asking me, study means to get good grade or to gain knowledge?

I care about my grade but the more importantly I care more about my understanding towards my study. I love English, I'm really poor on it, that's why I need to learn, if I only want to get a higher pointer then what's the point that I'm wasting time to study it?
I'm really feel myself have turn out to be a bookworm , even now I feel like excited to start my next sem already. I can't wait to learn more about English, I should have took English literature as my major. Well, Physics is still not bad la, just really hard for me to understand. Sigh.

But, I have realized study is not only about the content of your textbook, it's also your attitude towards learning process. I know some people will judged me by the grade, I don't have a grade that could make my parent proud of me, I don't have a grade that good enough to be on the newspaper. But what's inside me, I know, the attitude, the understanding, which is much more important than what a grade could be.

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  1. Good you are in the learning process =) Stay Strong! talk to you more in Mylds!