Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello, people, I am in UTM right now, it's officially end for Pre-MyLDS, and heading to MyLDS in 6 hours more. Am I excited? Not at all honestly. I wasn't setting my expectation as low as possible in order not to get higher disappointment but just the things didn't went smooth enough for the past two days. It's not like the feeling I had in LLDS, I just felt myself not in the situation, I am so damn not motivated.

Today, we were doing some exchange simulation. We were divided into smaller groups and gone through all the exchange process. The role that I'm holding is that the Incoming Exchange executive, so I have to go out and meet some companies, persuading them to cooperate with us in terms of partnership, sponsorship and also taking interns. Basically, I was really sleepy that time, I don't even know what the instruction of the leader giving to me. I wasn't really clear enough so I just went out and meet with the company without any preparation and also not even know the purpose that I was holding.

Of course it's failed. I didn't manage to get anything. After few more times of trying, I still didn't manage to get any partnership contract or even a little bit of sponsorship. And I totally give up. I giving it up not because I don't want to try, it's just I don't understand the system, how you going to persuade somebody to give away money to you even you yourself do not know what is the objective? It's really frustration for me to admit that I gave up. But it's true, and it's felt like shit.

Wondering what coming up next in the MyLDS. Hopefully there's some other turning point for me.

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