Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have a sucks to the core day.
I could barely smile to the others.
I feel hurt inside.

All these time I've told myself not to care about anything that surrounding me,
no matter it's a friend thing, or it's a relationship thing,
as long as it wasn't about myself then I would be alright.

But it isn't. I do not like how people misunderstanding me at all.
I like to make joke around, and please don't take my words too seriously.
I am a sincere person, how I treat everyone, how I talk to everyone,
it is truly from my heart.
I have never mean to hurt anyone, my world is just too simple for you all to understand. 

This is my style of treating friend. I like to tease around with the friends that I like.
Maybe sometimes I do not know whether I have cross the limit or not,
but truly I was just want to make you guys happy. Because you all are the friends that I like a lot.
I want to see you all keep smiling and laughing.

And stop judging people!
It is so not mature to critic and talk behind people back.
They have their own personality, if you don't like him,
please don't talk in front of me. I do not want to hate him together with you.
And it is not my duty to be agree with you too.  

It is just a pissed off day. 
I just hate everything today.

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