Thursday, January 27, 2011


Despite every stress that I'm facing.
Actually I have a great week.
Because finally the project that we planned for so long is launched!
Total 7 exchange participants from 6 countries is here in Malaysia!!
They travel along the way just to show you how amazing their cultures is,
I started to promote already, yeah, because I am the person in charge of publicity & communication. hehe
If you interested in know more about what we provide, and what they do in Malaysia,
search our facebook page - B.U.D.A.Y.A  or
visit our website for more information -
I'll make sure you have a lot of fun in it. =D




 Sharan from Australia!

 Khan from Vietnam!

 Stacy from Taiwan!

 Kate from Russia!

 Hand made doll by Kate!
 Chen chi from Taiwan!

Two more Egyptian reaching today. 
This is going to be extremely fun! 

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  1. started to envy ur event many country d participants wow....XD