Thursday, January 20, 2011


I do not know how to describe that day. It was just too unbelievable.

My hand was shaking, the hall is just too cold for me.
My heart was pumping, yet I can't wait to run into the stage and give my speech.
I have never tell anyone before, how I love to speak in front of huge crowd.
I am nervous and scared, but I was just afraid I can't deliver the message that I wanted to send.

When we hand in hand waiting for the water, I was doubting, will I get disappointed if the water did not pour on me? In the bottom of my heart, it's a big 'YES'.
I close my eyes.
At each second of waiting, how I HOPE I will get wet.
When the water started splashing from the person beside me, I start disappointed.
I open my eyes, my VP poured the water on me.
I start smiling and 'Yes! I did it'
But the second thought in my mind was : Oh No...and SHIT!
I wasn't realized I have this thought before my friend told me.
It's really contradiction.
We disappointed if we didn't get wet, but we 'shit it' after the water poured on us.
But I knew,
even the thought that coming through our mind was shit and fuck,
but we were smiling, hugging and touching in the bottom of our heart.

I was gone through a really tough week,
the things that I saw in this whole week have never been so dark before,
I can't breathe with the pressure that keep pushing on me,
but after EGM,
the world that I see,
has never been this beautiful.
Congratulation to all the 29candidates.
This journey wasn't as easy as we seen.
We are already the winner if we can make it so far.

 The moment of waiting, see the person beside me, they are so serious. =p
 A precious moment that we had. I will never forget this memorable moment.
 I did it! =D
 The tear of joy. How I love this picture.
 Esteven, my VP and me. Esteven, even you come back dry, but you gained everyone respect. I love your presentation so much. Keep learning and improving ya!

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