Saturday, January 1, 2011

I don't have a dream

Long time no see, my bloggie.

Just want make a correction, MyLDS was AWESOME. I'm kind of regret for not being proactive all the time. I made less friend, but luckily I have get closer with my friends. They are just great. =)

Today is 1/1/11, I bet everyone feel good for their new year, new hope and new life. Of course it is my hope too, but I'm kind of lazy to think about new year, I have so much things needed to be done, I have no time to think about my new hope. I'm busy yet I'm enjoy in it. So I won't consider I'm busy. Haha. Is that logical? Whatever.

I went to Prangin mall today to meet my friends, but ended up walking myself and went back myself. Actually I'm purposely went there for my camera stuff, I want to try LX5, I want to make sure is it valuable to buy. Sadly, it was ran out of stock, but I have tried Olympus Pen. It looks special but the photo seems like nothing different with LX5, the price either. Then I hesitate again, should I buy just buy Olympus pen? Because its lens is changeable, but it's heavier. I need a camera that I could always carrying around, if I want to buy Pen, I will straight away go to D3100. Price are just about the same.

Seriously don't know what should I buy, I think I need the model sample to take a look and just decide. Definitely want to get myself a camera before CNY.

My life is a mess now, I mean my room and my schedule. Duhh..I need to clean up my room tomorrow and the application really drive me nut. I just have the feeling I won't get it, but it's good to go through the process, but I hate lose. That's why I don't like to argue or fight with people. God, help me, I really don't know what I want sometimes, when the time I thought I wan something, but it ended up something else. My dream always changing from time to time.
I really don't have a dream. Sigh

# I don't have a dream. I thought I do.
   I don't have a dream. I wish I do, to make you strong, to make you happy.
   I don't have a dream. I wish I do, to courage you, to inspire you.
   I don't have a dream. I wish I do, to know you better, to make you a better girl.
   I don't have a dream. I wish I do, to believe in you, to count on you.
   I don't have a dream. I wish I do, to lit you the light, to show you way.
   I don't have a dream. I thought I do, I wish I do.

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