Saturday, January 8, 2011

LC Day

Woke up quite late today, nearly late for my LC day
Our destination is Fort Cornwallis!
Snap a lot of pictures from the bus started until the day end

Started my day with these 3 fellas
p/s: they are super crazy XD
Finally successful in shooting jumping pose after few times of trying
thanks to my fella keke
This is Zara, my EP from Australia, she's pretty and nice! 
Have a group picture in our destination, Fort Cornwallis.
This is a really beautiful place, but the sun is OMG too hot! 
My back was become like this because of the sun and it's incredibly itchy
After that, we went to little India to have out lunch. 

 This is the nasi daun pisang,
this is the first time I heard nasi daun pisang
 quite special, but it's expensive too. XD
 Kaychen and Waiyee
My fellas and Jaiyin.
Trying Seok wei DSLR. Somehow I feel I should buy a DSLR instead of a semi pro.
I look so pro!XD
 We also went to the cloud-est  temple in Penang, especially in CNY. 
A bunch of great friends and AIESECers.=)
Seok Wei and me.
wenyi and paris
 Lilian from Kenya and June from Japan.
 Huyen from Vietnam.
 Our future LCP. LOL. Jacqueline. 

Honestly still haven't capitalize my camera yet, some of them were sucks. 
I wonder why it is looks different when view from camera and laptop
Is it you guys all using photoshop before uploading? 
Anyway, I always believed skills is way important than the quality of one camera
I have a really AUSOME day
How about you?

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