Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Uncontrollable animal

I realized girl is an uncontrollable animal
The same thing
happened and happened again
At this moment
there's probably a girl who is crying alone right now
clicking in the facebook
typing her blogspot
surfing for happiness
surfing for the one who makes her cry
the eyes keep looking at the phone
she hopes it will ring
she told herself to give up
but her heart whisper again
For the last time
she told herself to control her emotion in this precious relationship
but she couldn't 
she just throw herself in this endless hole
and she thought he will be the one
but not until she touched the ground
 hurt again
tears dropped every night, every time she thought of him
the calls, the messages, the flowers, the pictures, the memories
and the promises
 she can't fall in love again
he is the one for her

time heals dear
when the time you think you would never forget him
one day you will
when the time you think you will never fall in love again
one day you will
when the time you promised you will control yourself in the next relationship
you won't 
when the time you promised yourself cannot believe his promise again
somehow you will still believe it

Love is a strange thing my dear
it hurts people
 it heals people too
we fell because of love
we grown because of love
do not give up 

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