Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Up and down

I don't know about today. What had happened actually?

I went through the high and down. It's like 29,035ft high and -29,035 down to the valley. I am truly a very careless person, truly a stupid girl, and I suddenly feel that I cannot do big things.

I had an exhausted day started from yesterday until now my mood haven't really calming down yet.
Supposedly my EP from Egypt was reaching by yesterday night around 10pm, because he was taking a bus that depart from 5pm at KL. I am god damn worried he will get lost and took the wrong bus, because he was telling me that the bus driver told him still have another 3 hours to reach Penang at 10pm that time. And eventually he ended up at Butterworth. He has to took another 15 minutes ferry to get to the jetty so that we can pick him up.

Luckily everything went smoothly, we found him once we arrived jetty and that moment I saw him I feel like going to cry because finally my EP is here. The thousand tonnes rock in my heart sudden relief. 

Today, my another EP from Australia arrived. I did not ask the flight transcript from her and I wasn't know what is the plane number, I wasn't know she has any transit or not, I only gave her my phone number, I only know she will arrived at 230pm. Due to my lab, I had asked my team mate to do the reception for me, so she doesn't know anything about the EP at all. When she started ask me for the details, I was totally freaked out. Because I don't know anything at all, gosh, I felt so stupid that time, and kept thinking what if the flight has delayed and my team mate couldn't find my EP, what if the 230pm means the Melbourne time? Suddenly, many 'what if' have popped up in my mind, and I was really scare and helpless.

Another luck for me today. She arrived on time and she able to send a message for me, and they found her easily in the airport. Thank God. My heart whispering.

I thought it supposed to be end for today. But there is another disaster coming. There were something went wrong in the process of matching. It was my fault, my careless doesn't realized I have make a huge mistake. My Egyptian EP looks sad in his face, and he fell sick too. He came from such a long way happily, and because of my careless, I made the smile disappear. You have no idea how guilty I am.

'Every exchange that we bring is actually bringing a life changing experience.'
They carry a smile to meet our country, and I hope they can carry a lot of laughter in their pocket on the day they back to their own country. 
Deep in my heart, I hope he will get well soon and enjoy his exchange in Penang.


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