Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being a poor fella.

I, hereby to announce, I am going broke very soon.

Here come the poor fella again. I wasn't really spend a lot, all those things are for necessary stuff. So please do not say me splurge or anything. All my friends should have know me very well that I am indeed a very thrifty girl.

Imagine when you go out with your friends, they want to have some great food in expensive cafe or restaurant, but you don't want to spend a lot on that expensive meal at all, it is okay when you have enough money in your pocket, but try to imagine you don't even have enough money in your hand and you have to borrow from friend just for the sake of their desired expensive meal. What would you feel?

I am literally a thrifty girl. But I was just spend accordingly to the size of my wallet. Every month I needed to buy something for my daily use, or sometimes I even need some formal dress or shoes to attend some event. I need to save for that, I need to plan earlier for that. Certainly I need to save some from each of my meal, of course, I have correct and healthy meal everyday. I do not skipped my meal, even I don't really eat at outside, but I will take some bread or milo to feed myself. Please don't see me like a freak that would tighten up my waist just for buying a dress. For your information, I like bread a lot. It's A LOT!

I hate to see someone that see me like that. I am not the kind of girl that always ask money from home, I don't even have that habit in my life. I feel shamed whenever I'm taking money from my parent. There are times that I have to ask money from them, which I have completely broke (not because I splurge too much), but I told myself inside my heart that, I will double repay for them in the future.

So please, if you are rich, please respect me of being poor.

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