Monday, February 21, 2011


Finally 3 of us met!
After so so so long, 
reflecting back to school days
we always hanging out together
from one cafe to the other cafe
anytime any call for them
they will be available
but now 
not anymore
they are their children MUM now
why am I feel so old pulak
is it suitable for a girl to get married at such a young age?
this isn't a good question
it's all depend who you met
but watching friends wedding come one after one
I look at myself
and wondered
is it normal for a girl to stay single at such age without any courtship? 
 I am not really worried about that actually
instead of having few undesirable guys chasing 
I would rather met my Mr. Right at once
this is what I believed
maybe he is just around me
maybe I had met him once
maybe I still haven't realized him
maybe I haven't know him
maybe he had just broke up with his gf
maybe God know this is not appropriate time for me
so God make him invisible 
so that I can concentrate on my study
who knows? 
God do. 


  1. Lol...dis post reli mk u sound so old...haha....

  2. whats urs will be urs eventually....just a matter of time...xD