Friday, February 11, 2011

Flower of the day

Flower of the day. 
Have a super productive and happy day. 
I hope I have a different flower everyday. 

I enjoyed pretty much in my life right now. 
And I hope it is not because of the side effect of the coffee
(I'll be hyper active :p )
I hope it is truly from myself
I am enjoying every part of my life

After I have been told to be dismissed of the OC team that currently I am joining
I felt released and at the same time I hope I can continue
I have a lot of great times together with my team mates
even though there was few times I got heart broken because of their words
but it's a learning process
I am learning to accept critics and the people who are not thoughtful enough
They might a little bit harsh to me sometimes
yet it makes me grown
to be a person that gained a lot of confidence today
I know there still have tonnes of things that I need to learn in the future
I know my weaknesses
and I am working out on it to get improved
Some people may clear about what their weakness is
but less people are willing to find the ways to overcome it
I know the quote 
'I am who I am'
I know there is no right or wrong with the personalities that happened inside yourselves
you are mean to be like this
but there are times we need to reflect ourselves too
how your thoughts affect your behavior?
how your behavior affect others people feelings?
And are you sure it won't cause any problems for you in the future?
so this is the things that I always concerning about
There are average 2 suicidal cases that happened everyday in Malaysia
posting the last status in fb seems like a trend nowadays
for me
you can kill yourself in many ways you want
but please do not affect the others
it is shouldn't be a trend at all
when you are posting some ridiculous status 
you are affecting others 
 instilling the concept we are allowed to kill ourselves if we cannot solve the problem
There is always a way to solve a problem
you have the right to decide to end up your life
but you do not have the right to hurt your parent
make them visit your grave each year for the rest of their life
think about the others 
think about your mum and dad
think about your grandma & grandpa
think about your friends
life is indeed full with thistles and thorns
take a rest if you feel tired
don't give up 

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