Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am going crazy. I have no idea how to deal with Physics! I am searching some advertisement to write my cover letter for my assignment LSP402. And I don't know what job should I find, have no idea at all. This really makes me realized that I should start and think about what am I gonna do after graduated.

Actually I study Physics for no reason. It is just because I want to get rid of product design last time, so that is why I choose it. And now it is making my life miserable. After 2years of study, found myself not really in to this field, no matter how hard to push myself to understand it, I still can't. I have been thinking about what I really like to do but I'm so scare the heat will be only for three minutes.

I also have been thinking about journalism related work. I like to read articles that are from newspaper and magazine. But just not that often, only when I was in a leisure mood. My writing is suck, I know it very well. How am I gonna convinced people to hire a Physics base student to work and write in the magazine for them? No way. My writing not even pass the standard of primary school. But I want to write, I want to improve, and I want to work as a writer in some magazine no matter it is in English or Chinese or even editor.

I still have one year time before I graduated. I know I can do this.


  1. hey,ur writting skill is really good..
    dun doubt about it..
    cz,ur blog cn touch ppl heart~

  2. Hey, thanks. Your word boost me up. =)