Monday, February 28, 2011


Received these 2 sweet message from Khan and Stacy. 
Time flies isn't it?
I still remember the first day I met them
of course not only them
the whole BUDAYA team
Sharan, Kate, Jacky, Marwa and Yomna
and now comes the new 3 EPs for the second batch
Ken, Gina and Truc
What a bunch of amazing people
All of us come from different countries and different background
today we met and tomorrow we will be separate
you did not realized that you gonna miss them
until they really leave
it's just like life
many people come and leave
we did not know how to appreciate until we loose them
you might think
oh I should have say something to her
oh I should have dinner with her 
oh I should have know her better
ya when it comes to regret
and you just realized you did not hold the chance 
but this is just how we were
perhaps there is a second chance
everyone deserved a second chance
I'm gonna miss them a lot
thanks for passing by

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