Sunday, February 13, 2011

Say NO to Mr. Sun.

Appearance means a lot for me.
But that is before.

I am facing some skin problem right now.
Doctor advised me not to expose to sunlight.
He didn't give me any medicine, but just a bar of soap and cream to apply.
Suddenly a lot of things came out from my mind.
What if I never get better and have to be avoid from sunlight for the rest of my life?
What if I've turn over a skin problem freak that wearing a cap and holding a umbrella everyday?
What if I cannot be healed?

There are times whenever I saw someone with serious pimple or any skin problem,
I would wonder how they go through their life,
If were me, I would rather die.
I will not able to do anything, but just keep holding a mirror to see my face.
Or even cry alone in the room, keep missing the moment I have a smooth skin.
If I ever happened to have a serious skin problem, that's my doom day.
But that is before.

What happened about after?
Honestly I don't feel it is the end of the day.
Of course I am worried, also keep mirroring my face all the time.
But I will still smiling because I know what's important is about the heart.
Not the way I look.
I am thinking of many 'what if' cases too.
'What if I don't have anyone likes me anymore?'
'What if it doesn't get better but worse when I wake up tomorrow morning?'
But if this is the fate, what can I do about it?
I still have to go on my life.

And remember I have to avoid sunlight!
Please don't ask me out during day time ya.
Night is always available.

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